Discover our new collaboration with La Voyageuse Bijoux:

ENGRAVED MEMORIES FOR A LIFETIME: We are thrilled to present our special partnership with La Voyageuse Bijoux, a unique and eco-conscious jewelry designer based in Biarritz. Since its inception, La Voyageuse Bijoux has been committed to creating exceptional pieces that capture the beauty and significance of life’s precious moments.

Engraved memories for a lifetime:

As part of this collaboration, Les CUPIDZ Biarritz is pleased to offer you the “Decode Moi” collection from La Voyageuse Bijoux. For engraved memories for a lifetime. This unique collection offers a range of personalized couple’s jewelry that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Each piece is a true story of love and memories.

Couple’s jewelry that tells your story:

What sets the “Decode Moi” collection apart is the GPS coordinates engraved on each piece. These coordinates can represent significant places in your life: a meeting place, a wedding venue, or any other place that is dear to you. Imagine a bracelet with the GPS coordinates of the place where you first met. Or a necklace with the coordinates of your proposal location. These pieces become timeless witnesses to your most precious moments.

Eco-friendly materials and meticulous design:

Each piece in the “Decode Moi” collection is carefully crafted. Using eco-friendly materials such as recycled silver and upcycled silk. Additionally, La Voyageuse Bijoux places great importance on the uniqueness of each creation. No two pieces are identical, making each one truly unique.

Discover the “Decode Me” collection today:

At Les CUPIDZ, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to create engraved memories for a lifetime. Explore the “Decode Moi” collection from La Voyageuse Bijoux today. And find the perfect piece of jewelry to capture the most precious moments of your story.

To offer your loved one an eternal memory, we will offer the jewelry from the ‘Decode Moi’ collection as an option for each Les CUPIDZ package. You can thus complement your romantic experience with a unique piece of jewelry as a timeless testament to your love.

Les CUPIDZ Biarritz “Creators of unforgettable romantic moments”

Feel free to discover our tailor-made services for your Declaration of Love. At Les CUPIDZ, we are here to turn your dreams into reality.

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