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Proposals and Special occasions

We orchestrate the perfect Declaration of Love for you!
We have crafted various scenarios that can be tailored for a Proposal or any other Special Occasion.

Discover each package that can be completely customized to your preferences:

“Dreamy Bulle”

Rooftop or terrasse …

“Magic Bulle”

Idyllic Biarritz Spot…

“Enchanted Bulle”

Private garden…

“Escape Bulle”

On a boat…

“Cozy Bulle”

In your hotel room …

“Ocean Bulle”

Picnic on the beach …

“Romantic Bulle”

Facing the ocean …

“Love Bulle”

All inclusive package …


Create your own package



Private Chef


Calligraphy on sand


Real Flowers bouquet

Rose petals

“We understand that each event is unique, just like you!

Please note that the photos presented showcase the packages as designed. However, we recognize that every event is distinct and may require personalized adjustments.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss customization options and create a tailor-made event that perfectly matches your expectations.

We’re always here to listen to your specific requests in order to provide you with a unique and memorable experience…”


Let’s imagine a magical moment together!

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